Abortion Ban Protest / Handmaid's Tale Video – "Rise" by Kellee Maize


Here is our video about the attack on women’s rights with the help of The Handmaid’s Tale (new season June 5!), edited by Kennedy Jean, co-produced by Lani Redinger.

Let me be clear. I am not pro-abortion. I couldn’t imagine having one myself and don’t believe in late-term abortions unless the Mother’s life is at risk. I was adopted, so I have always felt very uncomfortable with this subject for obvious reasons. But that’s me and that’s MY choice. I believe in choice and I think that no government, especially when decisions are made only by men, should EVER have a say over the female body. SAFE, legal abortions must be accessible all over the country for the health and wellness of all women. It is a coordinated attack and war on women to consider otherwise. The worst part is that this will impact the most vulnerable marginalized women in our country first. The penalties of these laws are clearly an arm of the prison pipeline, and cannot be tolerated.
I have had friends in terrible relationship situations, or who have been raped or who have been victims of incest and to think about them dealing with pregnancy and a child after such horrific trauma is sickening. No matter what you feel about abortion, this decision shouldn’t be in the hands of men. It should be the decision of the woman in the situation. Otherwise we will begin quickly sliding down the slippery slope of the world Atwood has created in The Handmaid’s Tale….a patriarchal system governed by one conservative religion, stripping women of all rights and say in this world. Instead we need to join together to shift away from a patriarchal oligarchy, to embracing the power of divine feminine leadership. #whenthewomengathertheworldwillheal
Please stand beside your mothers, sisters and daughters in doing what you can to let your voice be heard and stop this madness as this is the first step in what could be a terrible end of many of the rights our grandmothers fought to make available to us.
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