Alyssa Marie – "Bird's Eye" (prod. DopeBoyz)

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with my eyes wide shut
I’m seeing everything better than ever with the center of this fine line cut
separating sanity and genius, all i see is a dead game i came here to liven it up
I’m just spreading my love
you wanna understand me you better wise up
but given our differing levels of mental maturity , you tryna get my lines is a statutory mind fuck
find something..take your time, why rush it?
you wanna see the top but don’t wanna climb up
wanna fly on somebody else’s dime it won’t be my budget
trust me – no puppet’s pulling my strings
I’m sitting at the table like “what do you bring?”
nothing, exactly, you can’t drive from backseat let me buckle you in
again, it’s for your own safety, it’s crazy how patience and subtle I’ve been
every way you attempt to get under my skin
again it’s too thick your thin threats aint gonna slide in
Ive been so indecisive tryna decide on which side to verse
the lazy mastermind now, or the driven fool? I can’t choose which kind is worse
I said won’t lose my mind in search of it
wont find myself inside someone else
yea i know the ride’ll get turbulent
but giving up mid flight isn’t gonna help

they don’t want the bars..they just want that trap flow yeah..
you didn’t get the message then that shit is “hell no”..there.

no rush like the first time
birds eye while I sit on ground
shit..said I was ready a couple too many times and figured out…that I’ll never really figure it out
I just wanna be that cloud in middle of a drought
when that first rain falls in the minute when the crowd
thought the thirst they fought could be turned to the curse they fall to
that’s what this shit is about
they can doubt what I build.. only until it’s too tall for the top to be visible
if it ever does come down, when it falls it’ll shake the ground so far from the heart of this the city
til the whole world stops and feels the residual
they’re just tryna get recognized
but they see I got drive and the second that I get a little buzz they’ll be coming with the breathalyzer
oh you think you got it locked…but the key’s in my pocket
knock if you wanna but you’ll never see inside it
not gonna leave enemies in the cockpit tryna fly blind when they really need a pilot
to guide em and I can redeem that seat, watch at ease from the side
20 million peas in a pod tryna get a little piece of the pie but I’m tryna find the peace and quiet with a decent vibe
I can ride out…at peace in the sky…doing fine now
been around enough to hear the sound of a bluff on their tongue when their mouth is shut
there’s only way to find out


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