Close (Official Music Video) (Alyssa Marie)

A simple visual we put together for track 1 off my free album “HeartBeat”. Download this and 10 other original songs free at or if bandcamp runs out of points!

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I’m so close, I can see solid ground
Nowhere I won’t go, not a feat out of bounds
Nothing to lose, I’ve lost it all
Nothing to prove, nowhere to fall

[Verse 1]
So here we are, the first step of the stairway
I’m already caught up in what’s next and I’m scared straight
Cause in a weird way, I still expected a fair play
Despite all my opinions I’ve collected from hear-say
A cleared slate, let’s start to fill it up
Drop the chalk and picking up a permanent marker, an artist in the rough
Dusting off the dirt, show the rawness building up
When they see the blood it pumps, they’ll see my heart is real enough
But I won’t die to be appreciated, I wanna be alive to see their faces
The day that I finally reach a nation
Take the time to breathe the day in
Building castles inside of the desert sand while tryna find my green oasis
Take the reigns and write my story in ink
Open eyes if life is over and done before we can blink
We sit on the brink of glory, a lot more than we think
Just gotta make priorities sync


(Verse 2)
Grand scheming, standing between the land and the sea
Thinking “neither captain nor driver’s the destiny planned for me
I’m a pilot” sampled a piece of the sky’s ambient freedom
And knew the second I landed I’m finished planting my feet
Never bite the hand that feeds me, I got low tolerance for pain
Never realized all of the dirt that was washing off the rain
When I prayed for the sun, thankful it’s done but happy it happened
The day’s gonna come that I’ll say the same for the chapter passing
So I’ll wait, as I’m mastering the art of picking battles
I learn the difference between taking shade and living in shadows
I traveled along the barrier, finally ready to cross
They’ll throw confetti when the stones get too heavy to toss
Through the loss, I gained more, was afraid of them waging war
But if they’re gonna do it then what the hell are they waiting for?
I’m here, in the same place as before, all that changed
Is I got nothing lose but all to gain

(Hook x2)


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