FEMALE RAPPER – Kellee Maize – Godette (Prod. by Cynik Lethal & Diezel)

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we say we think know but
but we got no idea
its called reality – believe it’s not clear
its all about perception, not erection or water retention, or an election we’re all makers
its our invention

and in my rhythm i get um, it seems they were never missin
u think the boys i been kissin but i worked hard for this livin
and see i got my own business, daddy died and i got driven

But this ism was given and it is written in vision
inside of alien prisons because i made my decision
before this body was given, knowin’ that i would be spitting
white girl with ancestor wisdom
reppin for all of my women
i hope you understand me
if you don’t, hit me up, we can discuss thee
theories and queries i enter,
i don’t know much, but i venture
to prove myself wrong to keep rewriting my songs,
to unattach and play gongs
to never worry bout right or wrong
and instead create a space, where everyone can create,
not assimilate
let each voice be heard without hate,
at any rate, i will translate
r u down
so see u there round 8
its a date (muah)
but don’t be late
this world has got us by balls,
none of the riddles been solved
like what is this all for
some are concerned about the fall
some are convinced there is a wall
that we all gon crawl
that we can’t overcome, forgetting we’re are all one

have you hear about the propaganda
manipulate and shape your branda
that little voice inside, your understanda

but u can see me steady grindin
carpricornian climbin,
dutty winnin,
while they minin’
n blowing up mountains, poisenin fountains
i hear so many sayin they don’t wanna count us!
so fuck eugenics programs
and the frequency of slow jams
i am not a daughter of sam
i have got a new plan
follow light and hold hands

we are not the poisen, its about the choosin, you are never really loosin
we could be using
everybody got a gift, you can lift up your fam, feel a shift,
choose the joy not the pain, we ain’t crazy or insane
we been playing out a game, not knowin in our name
is mathmatical equa
the time has begun, to no longer run, to seek out our fun
to honor our dark to enter your light, there is nothing out there, it is all our own fright.
cause the experiment is affected by the observer

I got a new dream I upload it on my server
You want to buy me out and I say how about a merger
Together we have fervor, then we will get further
What you see is what you get and I ain’t done yet.
As soon as I fret i’m thankful I ain’t dead
You could say my attitude, is that of gratitude
And you start acting rude and I say chill dude

You could start it you could end
Forgetting what you said
Created in your head, your enemy and friend
Belated in my send I evolutionize the dead
Open brains instead of puppets on a thread
From aliens I bled they operated on my head
Defeatin all the dread I got you outta bed
Many barely fed and our hands are red
Bleeding for the cred, fallin with no tread
If you don’t start none, then there won’t be none
When you make your hell then you cannot run
It’s like a secret, seems to have been kept from
The average person, forgot we’re all one

Give and let live
Grow and let flow
Be and set free
Know and let go

Give and let live
Grow and let go
Be and set free
dont’ Know but let flow

Give and let live
Grow and let go
Be and set free
don’t Know but let it flow

oh iyayayay
Oh Iyayayah
All one but not the same
All one but not the same


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