Help Manny Go To School!

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Manny has been part of our family since he moved here from the Dominican Republic 5 years ago. He wants nothing more than to attend college and help support his family when he gets older so he has worked exceptionally hard at applying to private high schools. Last month we found out all his hard work had finally paid off. He was accepted to one of the top private high schools in the state and I could not have been happier to know he would not end up falling through the cracks in the Boston Public School System, where 70% of high school graduates never attain a college degree. Unfortunately all of the handwork Manny had put in since coming to this country has come to a halt. He has finally reached a barrier that his dedication and perseverance cannot overcome. The school he was accepted too has reached a limit on the amount of financial aid they can offer and there’s no way to raise the 17,000 dollars needed to pay his tuition without you guys.

I can only do so much. There is no way I can afford to pay his tuition, but he still has a chance. This is where you come in. If just 170 people donate $100, Manny can achieve his goals and attend the high school of his dreams. $100 may be too much, but any little bit helps. I know with all of your help, we can send Manny to school!


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