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Kellee Maize – 2012 – "Choose a New World"


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I have been called to write this song
to share a message answer the question
What do I believe Dec. 21 st 2012 means?
Do I think humanity will succeed?
Do I think we’ll be swallowed by the sea?
Lets trace it to hell in hang basked is what we’re facing
Greed and capitalism has us replacing want over need,
product over seed, the poor and the weak bleed,
rich and the ignorant feed
But there is another message being told, not one of doom and gloom but of collective power to be hold

We must unify or might as well die
Stop thinking just bout I
Be peaceful on behalf of the tribe
Realize we are divine
We’re in the space of no time
The Mayans knew we would align
Be of sound mind
Pay attention to the signs

government and news
wants to keep you stalking food, spending loot
instead use you heart, ear to the community, you know its all fake
Babylon doesn’t want unity, wants your mind in earthquake
dont want us to cocreate
I’ve been gathering the girls and owls, we run deep
White buffalo calf, woman leading love armies red road below feet
we are the rainbow warriors replacing the worries
writing a whole new story of
hold peace in our heart
bein our own particle accelerator and press start
I’ve heard this from Mohawk, hopi, navajo, Aztec – indigenous prophecy
Many say we’re heading for atlantas
Mayan message of opportunity resonates
this is a sacred time and place
keep your mind and intentions positive in these final days
you will find the craze part of the plan they want u dumb, scared and in a daze

We must unify or might as well die
Stop thinking just bout I
Be peaceful on behalf of the tribe
Realize we are divine
We’re in the space of no time
The Mayans know we would align
Be the sound mind
Pay attention to the signs


Yes the calendar is ending
But this means a shift in consciousness that is depending
On our internal and collective
ascending into unity that is unending
We may lose power in the final hour
what message are sending?
if you don’t dig transcendence
then try these 10 commandments

be grateful and fun, Love all like never before
Forgive all and yourself, forget settlin scores
Let be, let live. Honor, exchange, accept, give.
Transmute fear – just feel it, then let go
Honor feminine within all and let it flow
Like toltec function Don’t take ie personal or make assumption
Respect mother Earth and all of nature
Don’t hurry or worry, its using imagination for what u don’t want
Live from the heart and your truth and don’t front
Don’t let the voices inside stop ya, you are god, gotcha

its up to you. we have tremendous opportunity to shift from the love of power, to the power of love. I for one will be doing all I can to envision and create the rebirthing of a planet that works for all.


Written by Kellee Maize

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