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Kellee Maize & Apollo Poetry – Shadows (Prod. by All Arounda Productions)

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I’m gonna take you back to the old me, before I set my soul free
Call the id, ego, and me, we’ll confront all three.
Breeds off of thee, adopted lil girl she never wanted
seems everyone died, left or fronted
Growth stunted, fully blunted
Disgusted by corruption, and all the world’s dysfunction
then I feel crazy, and I don’t want to move
escaping cause really there’s nothing here that could soothe
This ache inside my heart can’t you just make it leave
And then I snapped up my head know that it’s all me
My insecuritty was eating me until there is nothing left
I strive to be empty so I could restart my breath
My fears had fully had taken hold
I did fit inside your mold
I’m cryin won’t u like me, and if you don’t it feels like lighting
Possibility was frightening
these thoughts just keep recycling
The world its so indicting, not inviting
You say I’m freak, look like a whore,
And all my positive thinking don’t work no more
I had to face my demons so I will not be them
To mother earth I free them, transmute them, and complete them
I was holdin on to DNA that does not serve me in any way
Hidin emotions until they are explosive
And then I integrate the negativity and I can be free
I’ll see a new in front of me that will elevate my code in the tree

Integration of the my shadow
Conflicted hypocrite in fast slow
Now I know I don’t know
Must let go so I can grow
Integration of the my shadow
Conflicted hypocrite in fast slow
Now I know I don’t know
Must let go so I can grow

Maize put the code in the tree, so I put the tree on me
Watered the seed, let go to let it breathe
Ego won’t let it be, he rose my destiny
She rose from energy, We grow collectively

Starring Ken Miller, and Paul Thompson.

Featuring Rachel Yurchak, Kelsey Marziale, Kate Kennedy, Nina Rende, Marley Leach, Chelsea Smith, and Kayla Mulligan.

Production Assistants – Kelsey Marziale, Tashina Johns, Katie Parrish, and Art Cornell

Makeup by Christine Wertman-Stickle and Nina Demeter.

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