Kellee Maize & Jasiri X – Notice The End (shot with RED camera)

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I break it down into
Sections I make my selections
Now Kellee maize will be in all ur @mentions
They say its heavy what she talk about I bench um
Release the tension, shake it my bredren

You see this system has long been a joke
Patriarchy we’re killin innocent folks
In a cell in hell very little hope
Coulda been a leader but they got him pushin dope
Hands around the neck can’t breath choke
Takin basic human rights, revoke
Will we blindly follow snorting up the yo
The demon is inside see it through the smoke
And we don’t wana eat caged animals, sick of the world we been acting like cannibals

We don’t believe in death for power
Fuck the thrill and the watch tower
Now do you have the balls
Are you a coward?
I can hear the masses
And they keep getting louder
Stop popping The pills and crushin up the powder believe in yourself
Fuck that internal doubter

Come on ladies its time to stand up
Alright fellas take away your girls crutch
We gotta to make moves
Its time to breakthrough
It’s the age of feminine, what you gone do?

2 chooses take over or watch the babies die
polluted air or gun blasts either way they cry
you been muted, licka shots I can hear um sigh
are you waiting on your devil or god for peace of pie?
Me and my ladies were grinding teeth
Practicing n preachin we learn and teach
Inhale the weed, sacred indeed
My mind and my pen bleed, no sleep.
I been real far from casual
Im a serious bitch Im writing a manual
Fuck the chit chat small talk
We sound like Hannibal lector
Come See bin laden the spector
In the US Who is the real threat
I know u suspect and while you reflect
We lethal inject with aids they’ll infect im bout to defect
Until then ill be writing rhymes and ill be writing checks.

But, don’t get me wrong I love our men but the days
Of the female service way back when
Are over my friend
Human rights we must defend
Breath in the feminine energy
It’s a yin trend
We must spread the positive vibe
Wanna cleanse the aura
No need to hide
Love your neighbor
Smile at a stranger
Fuck your pride
We are in a state of danger
The devil he has crept inside
But when the women gather
The world will heal
Its written in the holy books
Come on strike a deal
That you won’t worry bout your looks
Lets be real see the beauty inside
You’ve been dooped break the seal
Hopi prophecy
Nostradomas wrote it see
Its our duty to return the mother to the tree
Water the root its an emergency
Age of aquarius bring them water set them free

Now, let me leave you with one final message
Love your enemy and yourself, I am requesting
That we all join hands in exisistential connection
I am you, you are me there is no discretion

And I will be investing
In humanities ascension
Have we learned this lesson?
Knowin that it’s destined

Cause this ism is given
and It is written in visions
Inside of the aliens Prisons
because I made my decision
before This body was given
Knowin that I would be spittin
White girl with ancestors wisdom
Reppin for all of my women

I will continue to listen



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