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Kellee Maize – La La Love

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Directed by Alex DiMarco

[Verse 1]
Your like the ocean for my land, the arm for my hand
I am yours without command, I will always take a stand for
me and you I’m true and will never ever ever (ever ever) try make u blue
And if I do, can we forgive and forget can we ignore the upset
Cause I can promise you that life is short but beautiful,
if we can connect and be dutiful
about keepin our words full of love
keeping our actions consistently above
and beyond, rising at dawn
to make sure that you’re still there and we’re still one
even in death I could feel your stare
of, pure j’adore
you are mi amor
you’ve made me think love is what life is for

When you are here I am okay (I’m glad I’m coming home)
You are a mirror you let me play (You got me in a zone)
I see my higher self when you are near (And now I never roam)
I can loosen my belt relax no fear

[Verse 2]
A reflection of love you shine back to me
I am whole now You showed me how
I create our passion and i will follow through
makin sure you know I appreciate all that you do
Know that the problems, are in our mind and
if we’re honest we will always find
Peace and joy, health and love
you are a gift from above
There is no doubt of my dependence
but my transcendence was dependent on lookin
[ From: ]
at you with a reverence that I should look at myself with
This was a gift to see divine in you because it flowered in me
and eternity is not what matters
We may part but the later will always be

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