"Laundry Room"


Older verse, http://www.facebook.com/alyssamarieraps
rappers pointing fingers, every word is oh so critical
don’t they notice that their flows so pitiful?
i know no pinical i keep climbin til there’s snow go literally
loco picking up a snow globe
hold the whole planet in my palm
shake it up, cause hysteria, but manage to be calm
cuz the damage that i cause, they deserve it
it’s hard to be the servant always working at a cost that isn’t worth it
with a boss they gotta worship.. they all nervous
they worried cuz the shit they burried’s washing to the surface
and the worst is..i really couldn’t care less
bare chest, never wear a vest, rest but i hear their steps
when they dare to test where the limit is
the rest are impressed by the primitive
i guess what they’re missing is
is efficient ways to sift, they can raise a fist
but their misdirection renders it impossible to make it hit
they just tiring their arms
so instead of tryna use it to abuse, raise it higher for the bond
you desire but you won’t admit, still you refuse that
tryna be the only one in motion and it’s too bad
cuz I’m accelerating speed, elevate with ease
seven days a week and never break or sleep
while you catching every red light…so who’s missing out?
tell me again to choose a different route
like I don’t have it figured out.

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