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MC Showcase 2011 – Alyssa Marie

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it’s an *anomaly*, in back to back *traffic* of these wack rappers
with more games than *EA*, play the track backwards
slow it down, replay, was that subliminal?
hell no, it’s all respect to fellow individuals
so hello to the critical bitter bitches who ridicule
i’d riddle this with a diss if i didn’t pity you
you’re miniscule, and it’s ironic that i say that
cuz i’m only 5 ft but i try to keep it as laid back
and humble with a way past the average flow
as possible, they dropping kNOwledge with a capital “no”
lacking the soul, it got a little pent up, insane
pan handling the game “could you lend us some change?!”
it’s all about the ‘money’ though, counting up the stacks
talent overshadowed by the mountains of the wack
but from boston to cali i travel across the valley
it’s full of valient rappers i gather em start a rally
it’s a riot for the quiet artists
for the silent fire starters, any line they tryna cross they’re gonna find a loss
directly on the opposite side..that’s where they’ll find me at
rappers say they ill, i see a bunch of hypochondriacs
all kinds of wack, and the fact that no one tryna take
i could rap with swag, but i don’t have to overcompensate..
i got the talent. but it seem to be irrelevant
people don’t even need it to be the best, and intelligence
even less, the end to it ain’t so far, is it?
I can’t see it but i know it’s there, got sonar vision
hold on, listen a second, i’ma give it a rest
let’s revisit with the etiquette this shit has been blessed with
a stoner, an asian dude, a nerd, now some lebanese
rapper chick, together we activists for the steadily
bettering generation of rappers, to keep the stamina
who’s next, i’ll pass it from the U.S. to Canada

Called out by Traphik. Check him out, he killed it:

Started by an0maly, he also killed it. Peep:

Prince EA also murdered it:

Calling out D-Pryde:

you have no idea how many takes this took me.

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