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MC Showcase 2012 – Alyssa Marie [prod. by The C.U.B.S.]

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An0maly Started the cypher:

Suicide Sixx up 2nd:

Alyssa Marie 3rd:

Street Light 4th:

[prod. by The C.U.B.S.]

it’s not my usual lane..switching to confuse ’em, I change it up never let ’em used to it
shake the dust..what they do.. or they shave the rust and make any new ways to reuse it
I choose to remake and redo.. innovate a new way to pay the dues
had to get a better grip of what I’d wage , and it’s never the truth…the way they imitate to benefit the nature of their move
but who’s gonnna really wanna listen
to a played out tune when they knew the decision was
choosing a brand new edition..or settle for recycled products in used conditions
ambition of a honest – living, modest profit, thinking similar to Pac, it’s
difficult delivering the homage that we promised ;cause the first time look it what it got us
“biters” “stealers” “robbers” and the problem is none of them are conscious
of what it causes… in the process stripping credibility of artists who’s thoughts middle of all this
could save us.. a harness on a tight rope with no safety net
but regardless they wanna take a razor to the thread then unbuckle it from on us..but they never guessed
when it falls that ..I got two wings on back so. I can fly to the other side, pass no time
and I cast no shadow they can hide in, adamant to find a way to dive into the shallow minds
straddling the narrow line that divides pleasure and pain
that separates heaven and hell and the thread is the threat of inadequate measures to enter this sane
and exit the same, stain every shred of it’s fabric
’cause half of them live in the past, try rehashing it still set on bringing it back to when they shit consider classic was written, but forgetting that the past
is the past. instead of moving forward, heading back while the other half
couldn’t give a shit about a craft end up in a cinematic setting, where they’re single handedly accountable for killing musicality in rap
yea..been a bit erratic in the manner I defend the many independent matters in the battle
to re-enter an abandoned mental center then again I’m at a end of me depending on validity of that
when in fact…I killed the competition while out of my style with a free write
I noticed their drive’s in the dark..before they crash, pass to street light.

Alyssa Marie
P.O. Box 133
Avon, MA, 02322

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