"Never Changing" – (Atmosphere 'Always Coming Back Home to You' remix) (Alyssa Marie)


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this songs months old, but i found it and wanted to share it with you guys. so i did an extremely professional video to show you!

I know it’s been a minute but I been living in your dust still
wishing you would turn around and pick me up cuz I don’t have enough will
my cup filling up but someone put a hole in the bottom
and I’m holding onto hope that I can float to the top
and no one got a path quite like mine
if I dim the light around me then my light might shine
a little brighter, at least appear that it does..
and I’m coming to the point where push is nearing to shove
I really just want to slow down, figure out my own sound
and not feel like a stranger in my own town
but now I’m here, I’m part of the crowd..
I made it far but it’s so hard to be proud
cuz there’s a long way on the road that I’m traveling
I’m battling the rapids of the flow as I’m paddling
it’s slowly unravelling, I try to stop it
I can’t, got the key and now I got to find a lock
it’s a toxic environment, I’m lost in the fire
at the bottom as you sitting at the top and admiring
it’s beauty, I’m dying in it’s flames
pretending for a second that their mind is gonna change
and somebody will save me, I know they really never will
maybe they would help me if they only had a better feel
probably not though, and so I stay to myself
cuz it’s a waste of my time if I’m waiting for help

I been here for so long, waiting for somebody to change
and come here where I’ve gone, and take me back
in the back of my brain I think ‘maybe somebody could save me’
no one ever does so I’m stuck never changing
but I think ‘maybe somebody could save me’
no one ever does so I’m stuck never changing


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