Physical Graffiti – Benevolence (Phyzi Lyftn Drink)

Phyzi Lyftn Drink is a musical project inspired by Water , Bubbles, and Balloons. That’s what I heard within the soundscapes and how I was feeling at the time. As some philosophies state water is symbolic to wisdom and so partly this album is also about what happens when you drink too much too quick from that well of information resulting in an overload of lessons.

Phyzi Lyftn Drink then became Tripz 2 Minds Eye a very Limited Release only available on Vinyl with alternate versions and not all of the original tracks featured on it. It’s a great LP definitely look it up it’s somewhere out there on discog-“land”I don’t even own a copy myself. But now I invite you to check out the original version PHYZI LYFTN DRINK streaming on all platforms.

BENEVOLENCE is not featured on the album but it was created to be the introduction and set the preface of the album. And of course it’s over a FRANK ZAPPA track so yeahhhhhhh :p

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Physical Graffiti – Benevolence

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