Physical Graffiti x Fred Red x Malik Diao – Landscapes

Anxiety turned into adrenaline
Young cold veteran
Seasoned but never overcooked
Don’t believe in being overlooked
Look in the mirror and I see myself clearly
take a look around and no comparisons really
This my mic don’t breath on it
I rock hard solid so honest
Some lack loyalty they dishonest
Keep Going
They call it text book I call it nonsense
Gotta learn to look in and see it out
The reward of taking steps back to see the whole piece
No crease we just iron it out
Rather have big accounts then just a big mouth
Move it through the landscape
It’s gon take more than one hike to figure it out
But if you invested I’ll share the lesson
Never used to want to be a teacher but the gems rolling off from me
I never been a selfish creature uphold the feature
At times the plates be so heavy
But the thought of not being free
Was a lot more deadly
It’s toxic in the city of smoke everybody broke but it’s the mind that need fixing I’m not ya top vixen moving down the field and if you make a pass I’m blitzin
It’s friction cold cash hard earned math
Y’all wear the mask so well I design my own mask can you tell
I take grand stands in the stolen land
Corruption no further than a promise land I promise myself way more
And if you keep score save it for those playing games
I earn mine in a spectacular way but that’s me you know the name
Don’t gotta say let it be self actualized clarity will move a mountain of lies
Carrying the buckets of water took my sailboats past the usual borders
Saw the stowaways and bodies of some dead soldiers post mortem
It’s postmodern who can console the souls of the haunted
I break free and speak from the fountain
Empty the coffin cuz I need to feel alive more than often
Why chase death? I rather take steps that match my breath
If I was the beat I wouldda been called next
Cus the pressure i’m applying giving me cold sweats
Physical Graffiti just another bomb threat
Tagging up the walls that ya’ll aint cross yet
Always talk less and do more
Made my own keys never asked someone to open up a door
This right here is too pure my intel the cure I let it hit ya core
Break than fix ya jax just to keep it raw
It all shall remain above par

lyrics by Physical Graffiti
prod. by Fred Red & Malik Diao
illustration by Pascal Maurer

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