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Rage Against The Machine feat. Rush One X Prophacy x Nejma Shea

Guerrilla X an upcoming revolutionary hip-hop artist who for years has performed and recorded a library of unreleased studio material. X was originally set to release projects that were put to a hault when X decided to scrap his previous projects in order to concentrate on a more prone and effective, efficient sound that would bring his stories to life. The new album ‘Rise To Resist’ proves to be a powerfully charged album with epic driven, story telling lyrics over raw high powered dramatic beats produced by Sinima Beats. Guerrilla X drives the opening of the album from beginning to end with original organic concepts that support the plot of the albums chronological success.

Guerrilla X as been compared to the likes of American rap artist DMX and the underground revolutionary rap king Immortal Techinque. Like many, X brings the most graphically, politically, spritually driven true stories to life that will leave you smiling or in tears or in deep thought or energized by the records deep audio delivery. ‘Rise To Resist’ is epic and legendary. The lyrical format of word play and story telling leaves you compelled with wanting to hit the replay button.

As Guerrilla X remains secluded in his labratory of sonic beats and book of rhymes, his lyrical imagary continues to sprout in deeply rooted concepts with suspenseful facts, fathomed in grimey hard truths. His ability to bend his voice at various levels conveys how he controls his vocal tones throughtout drop-outs and climax points that draw immediate attention. He has claimed to have adapted to the particular beats that call for him to story tell in a way he’s always imagined. X’s various unique styles automatically makes him a major key player in the game of rap. Rise ll Resist is a smashing and powerfully poetic album.

On Rise To Resist, Guerrilla X collaborates with a few talented featured artists such as MC Nejma Shea, Danny Che, Prophacy, Rush One, Dewaun Davis, Tomas C., Kate Walsh and Monique Thomas. GX’s collaboration doesn’t stop there either as of recent, a collaboration with the Puerto Rican Superhero of Hip-Hop, Chino XL. GX who has met and performed with the Puerto Rican giant has already 3 unreleased tracks with the star which are due for release sometime in the near future. So, with 2019 here, GX plans to launch a series of music videos, tour dates, movie production, label launch and website. GX will have his hands full going into 2020 as he begins to revolutionize minds with a new documentary he calls his “Rapumentary” film.

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