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Ruby Ibarra Feat. Bambu – Dance (The Movement)

“DANCE (The Movement)”
Produced by – LuvJonez
Ruby Ibarra feat. BAMBU
Album – Lost In Translation mixtape

Dancers – Fritz-Patrick Atienza, Robert Torres, Hanson Nguyen

Production – OISHIMEDIA
Dir: Marvin Suerto
Asst Dir: Jeffrey Tuason and Petro Rosel
Camera – Jeff Tuason, Ruel Sangalang, Petro Rosel
Lighting – Joseph Huggins

they lack flows, they defeated (de-feet’d), lactose (lack toes), i scream
(ice cream) the bars
plateau is never reached, im past those, im schemin far
like Plato, this is the cave, our path closed, we fear to fight
we aint reachin for the “light,” my sisters dreamin to be white
we complexin the complexion, they be stressin on correction
of they skin thats an extension of a colonized succession
fuck a lighting cream that hide behind the screams of ideologies
manifest destiny philosophies
but not every revolution can foster evolution
want truth in its fruition, im confused in the pollution
whats important for a president? cuz frankly, its the benjamins
systems of oppression and we never change the sentiment
like the “social status” and we mastered all the “apps”
not to schools, its only “social classes” graduated at
social network is your total net worth – you better photo that first
before this “food” for thought gets colder, next verse…

the power, the money, the lies, the greed
the fight, the struggle, the cries, we bleed
disguised the light that shines in me
this cycle that just repeats

age 3 in front of tvs, i was mesmerized by muppet babies
20 and some change, aint nothin changed cuz its still puppets lately
but whos the puppet? when we walkin, talkin advertisements
blinded by the giant corporations, try to have us buyin
and what that say about ya character, you swaggin, bruh?
if you can speak less than a hundred forty characters
peace to martyrs, and much peace to Oscar
peace to all yall who fathered ya daughters
they yellin “freeze” and the globe be gettin warmer
my people gettin “framed” but they aint hangin a diploma
so who do we pay and who do we praise?
prey on each other but never pray for the people we played
cancer increase cells (sales) so why releasin the cure for?
when chemo’s more expensive and the people get poor, sure
workin with no benefits, the government dont tell us shit
they relish in the fact that they embellish it
the “change” is counterfeit…


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