Sa-Roc "Melanin Drip" Freestyle Produced by: Sol Messiah Video: Tommy Nova


Watch me get settled and sonically acclimated. A lil rusty, but my vocals untarnished, cuts all D rated. Rap Messiah out the muck and mire, emerged immaculate with bars thatโ€™s blacker than that charcoal thatโ€™s powdered and activated. This is God talk. Vedas in my vernacular, Surahโ€™s in all of my subtexts, psalms in every pentameter. Iโ€™m bout to rule every foot and square inch of the planetโ€™s surrounding perimeter. 2 many Ls and 2 many Ws equated to my present stamina. And I ainโ€™t a quitter. Ainโ€™t your babe, Iโ€™m not your sweetie, or your HUN, Iโ€™m more like Attila. Might go savage on these samples, leaving them hollow-hand me the filler. Struck a nerve with Forever, never thought that speaking freely could be worth a milli. When the last time a rapper made the people feel a pen(Philippine) homie? Call me Manila. Melanin drip. Coming for everything edible-helluva trip. Every remark I spit designed to end the patriarchy-thatโ€™s Oedipal shit. Iโ€™m part regal, halfway lethal. Queen Yaa Asantewaa, battling Brits. Thatโ€™s why my English broken, Ghanaian gold engulfs my mandibleโ€™s tips. Wait-I notice you may be a bit confused. My lyric mastery like a can of gasoline after they done lit the fuse. Iโ€™m triple Blackness in a post apocalyptic mood. Amassing the survivors into a rather highly gifted brood. Iโ€™m unpredictable on these written admissions, Iโ€™ll either have rivals bow out or bow their heads in contrition. Iโ€™m a visionary, pineal tilted toward the constellations. My holy lyrics got a following like Godโ€™s religions. No validation needed. My flow off the meter. I go off on rap tirades and park my name behind Hip Hopโ€™s elite. Itโ€™s the only evidence that I need to prove Iโ€™m my way. Cuz I hear the people shouting Roc and Ali Bumaye.


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Sa-Roc – Roc Decoded (Melanin Drip) Produced by Sol Messiah