SA-ROC “Nonestalgia”-Lil girl conceived in 1980 baby born in winter. What do you know bout congress heights? come angel leave a sinner. the stage was set with black maximas and trap boys. where crack cocaine became a star and groupies fiend and scheme to hit her. We grew up playing thundercats, freeze tag, and hide and seek. We knew to dodge them tanks when we first heard them tires squeak. Entire streets was on that rock by 93. But we ain’t speak on it, cuz candidness inspired beef. But we all knew our mamas, daddies, uncles, cousins bassed. That’s how them hustlers knew our names so well, familiar faced. so we just stayed away, ran and saved the pain away, but if you talked about my family now we scrap til blood u taste. And we had never heard bout Reagan and his coke game. We survived the war on drugs with heavily armed emotions. Joy and pain went hand in hand like maze and Beverly, hope waned. Everytime we saw our daddy get acknowledged by the dope man. I get it they was tools just used to act out an agenda. Exchanging money for lives is the heart of capitalism. So why you mad at that man for just making an honest living? Cuz honestly every glass vial is homicide. Honest killings.

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