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Sa-Roc x Kanye West: No more Parties in LA (remix)

Too many IG stars, not enough ID cards. I don’t believe you,muthaf****s will leave you mesmerized from their feed of selfies, heathy ass shots, and self help quotes. Screens turn seeds and shake to top shelf dro. Likes turn a at home mom to cyber heaux. I spoke out of turn, excuse my candor. now imma end up stuck in my comments like Elmers. And they might up and boycott me like Selma. Cuz everybody want to be King with a hype crew, but when he log off it’s just he(Jesse)and his low IQ. I bell curve on him with a swell verse, only monosyllabic words I use is ill and dope and fresh for me. I’m less human, more extratralest homie. You catch me in DF with a Mexican dress, meditating at the pyramids for extra direction. My antennas up but I can never get the connection. Cuz these suckas talking too much static. i’m trying to be Zen and y’all want me to peruse your status updates-No thanks. Being genius is a full-time job. I’m a workaholic when I hit the lab-no breaks. Prorating these labels each day I been slept on, I’m salty this my season for collard greens-no neck bones. Heterosexual gentleman let show their feminine tendencies when I deliver my best flow.ecto-plasmic vocabs eject from my grill whatever subject I’m covering–Hijab–poetry, OMG how can she be that fly? Well we can’t give her MVP but maybe she can be the mascot. Let’s not. Imma keep on pleading my case till they release me and my freestyle in every state-Dred Scott. Roc don’t bow for no one-thats how I feel. Jesus and too many other dudes got impressionable mamis looking for some kind of jewels below the Bible Belt. Because she don’t know she’s perfect, she don’t know she worth it. Trying to catch a star when Shawty a constellation. “Bear”ing everything but her soul for the public eye-Major Ursa. Flip that, time to time my tongue twist back and forth like gun barrels-watch out for the click clack. I’m a shift in the middle of verse and drop bombs. How we poor when we born sitting on Black gold?-Aristocrats.


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