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staHHr (as “Barbarella” ) gives dibby dibby djs the business on this Beatminerz produced Smif N Wessun classic.

Directed by Nick Burnz (Black Algebra Multimedia)

Rumi with the pen
Stronger than some gin
On that make money, take money do that shit again
Debt notes in exchange for def quotes
Getting head like Destro, Amber beads on my neck glow

Organic berry blend, natural before the trend
Many men pursuing but im rarely giving up the trim
My dowry acres and gold bars in stacks
Intellect in tact, dealing with the facts
Feel the impact

Ruler- of your medulla oblongata
the author of your eulogy
I must slaughter

All I do is style on em Wild em
Crack a smile on em hypnotize biggie smalls on em

While they focus on the lipstick
And thickness
I blitz clicks
Lyrically equipped sis
Spit bricks hardcore Kim shit4
This is not a chick flick
Or Soap opera
Gotta scope on My throat chakra
That quarter note gotcha
It’s all water, Flow agua,
two CCs of these remedies
Sure to unblock ya
In persona proper
By far the top shotta
just ask ya baby father

Carter blow
That’s that Molotov flow
Yiggy yo clowning figures like that nigga shiggy show
Islam mo, 45 on the flow
On my square double dare to find one that compare
Wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you
living true, all nighters in vestibules
I make this feel like sex to you


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