The Fortress Cypher (prod. Nate Kiz) ft. Alyssa Marie


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rap is the fortress
asking me to forfeit’s like
dragging a paddleboat into a battle against a war ship
expecting the captain to abort ship but that’s unfortunate
cuz I’d rather sink along with it than to turn my back ignoring it
it’s tact.. and every fact’s only as impactful as it’s source is
so when you’re in the game be cautious of who you’re asking what the score is
from..they force action to pass it or keep the torch lit
tryna make up with their words for what they been lacking in performance
as the war ends..and the peace restores
you’ll be the ones too caught up in keeping score
to see there really aint even a rhythm or reason for it
reinforce the goal that I hope to reach and attempt to keep rapports
while I walk the straight path and they try grease the floors
hoping to keep it short cuz time is money and money’s the root of evil
the key to keep it as peaceful as possible lose the ego
its too damn easy to see through.. give me the muse and easel
I just wanna live life and create music to move the people
while freedom to do it’s legal that too much to ask?
to wanna see it build and fill the need to weed and cut the grass
and show what’s underneath it.. .said please don’t touch the glass
you/ll only stir their need to break it and we’ve been seeing too much of that
but I’ma shatter every glass barrier breaking us up
with a passion to savor the love work til the day that I’m dust
word to the way that it was.. change is always a possibility
I chose the role and live it, this shit is just my soliloquy

Produced by Nate Kiz:

Calling out DeLaZoo:

Original cypher video:
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