How does each generation grow further away from its roots? How important is the preservation on oneʼs culture whether it be hip hop, rock, etc?

The United States of America. It is known around the globe that we are the “melting pot” of the world. On the other hand, some who are more politically-correct like to call it a “tossed salad” instead. The difference is with a melting pot, it assumes that cultures are being melded and mixed into one uniform culture whereas with a “tossed salad,” it is assumed that every culture is staying true to form and holding onto its roots. But, you know what they say about assumptions…

Letʼs stop and think, what is the USA becoming? Are we a “tossed salad” or are we in fact becoming the melting pot that we deemed not politically correct. If we look closely, itʼs easily noticed that the cultures and traditions being brought to this land are becoming lost in translation…virtually erased. Example? The Native American culture. Older Native generations are fighting the great fight to pass on the pride, spirit and languages of the Native American culture to younger generations only to find that it is going to be extremely difficult to fight the influence of western culture and attitudes. The same trends are playing out throughout the globe.

Each generation to some degree does grow further and further from its roots. With
exposure to newer (and catchier) tunes and modern fashion and trendy art, traditional cultures are being lost slowly but surely. The same influences can be seen in the music culture. Music is forever changing, expanding and progressing and with that, older music cultures are being overrun as well becoming under-appreciated.

Whether it be Rock Nʼ Roll, Hip Hop, Jazz, and anything in between, preserving culture is essential. If this can be done, it will develop generations of youth that are intellectually-rich and educated all while staying true to their cultures as well as learning how to embrace new ones…whether it be new art forms, new genres of music, or new traditions.

Thatʼs what RockMeHipHop is about. Music, art, culture. Old, current, and new. Embracing the past, reveling in the present, and working to cultivate a more culturally rich future. Join the movement today.

Written by Andy