A Brief History of New York Graffiti Art

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– Action Bronson, Terry, Mr. Wonderful,  2015

– Videowave Music, NYC Subway Graffiti Artist Sharp Interview, 2014

– Taylor Barretta, NYC B Roll, 2013- DroneFanatic, NYC Drone Phantom 3 4k, 2015

– Steven Siegel, NYC Subway Graffiti from the 1980s, 2015

– Lagarchivist, Mayor Ed Koch and Graffiti on the Subway System Part 2, 2012

– Petros Kasfikis Pkas, TAKI 183: THE LEGENDARY FATHER OF GRAFFITI, 2014

– MrEightyseven, Banksy interview, 2010

– Complex News, Blek Le Rat Legendary French Street Artist on 

– – Banksy & Swoon, 2014

– Animalnewyork, TRAP and the True Art of Graffiti, 2014

– Animalnewyork, Watch Graffiti Artists Take Back Entire Subway 

– – Car From Advertisers, 2014

– Wu Tang Clan, C.R.E.A.M, Enter The Wu Tang, 1993

– Beastie Boys, Slow and Low, License to Ill, 1986

– Tomkoon, Old movie intro (HD), 2013

– Serge Garcia, Intro Grindhouse (Version HD), 2009


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