BELIEVE IN GOD (Official Music Video) | Dee MC | Halftone Beats


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‘Believe in God’ is a motivational song that stems from Dee’s personal experience of dealing with depression and anxiety. ‘I believe in myself, like they believe in God’ – the track encourages listeners to seek within themselves, everything that they have been seeking outwards. May that be love, unconditional support, or kindness – show it to yourself first. Be kind to yourself, and always have love for yourself no matter what!

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Music production: Halftone Beats

Video shot & edited: Kedar Sonigra

Styled by: Tee J

Mix and master: Collective Music Company

#DeeMC #VivaLaHipHop #BelieveInGod #IndianHipHop #IndianFemaleRapper #WomenInHipHop


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