Greenhouse Effect – Dee MC [Prod. By Afzal Minhaaj]

Artist: Dee MC

Produced by: Afzal Minhaaj (contact no. – 9963040093)

Video directed & shot by: Rohit Roe, Ishita Samaddar

Video edited by: Daya Nand. (contact no. – 9177667899)

3 in the morning I wake up suddenly
when the demons in my dreams almost had me
so I’m sitting on my bed trynna find some light
should I sleep or roll one more I cannot decide

The clock stops, did you hear what I just heard?
Stuck in the zone, I think I’m walking backwards
In time, with my rhymes let me describe
what was exactly on my mind when it was close to nine
back home, another productive day
In a new city far from the bay
In my 20s and I’m getting paid in 20s
bonding pretty fast, sometimes it gets lonely
so I swiftly open my backpack, take it out, lay it on the ground, making no sound
pipe in my hand, wear what I can,
XL t shirt, now playing Chino
next on my list are Common and Primo

{you see, how it all feels light, lighter, like a feather)

Puff so hard, I had to cough it out
Is it just me or is everything loud?

Its past 10 in the past tense
Up on my feet, time to clean the mess
Voice inside me feeling so blessed,
till I realised my stomachs under stress
you call it hunger, we call it munchies,
the higher I go a hungry beast is unleashed
sucking up stuff like a giant black hole
so outrageous I could eat your damn soul
talking about souls do I have one in me? (you kidding me?)
is it already sold, could I be illuminati? (bitch you crazy)
thinking about everything I can possibly
with a very good visual of the same mentally
All 99 problems knocking on my door
Flashing on my face like “here bitch, some more”
Till I wake up suddenly shouting stop stop
smoke some more like dhik dhik thak thak

(Scenes of animation are taken from a distinct source we do not own it)


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