Kellee Maize – "Owl Time (J. Glaze & Udachi Remix)"

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Then u say struggling, each day something
changes muffling the sounds of nothing
my heart is rumbling
My memory
Never seems to want to let me be
And suddenly the memory is just what sets me free

I have almost jumped out of skin
Pretty sure I’m supposed to still travel
Anxiety is a funny twin
To floating beyond with no horse or a saddle
Here I go can u find me I love u
As the angels are always above u
And in his presence I felt the past
But not that of my memory
And as we find a new way to fast
The struggle opens the end of me

Here we are again
We were here I dont seem remember when
Back to this planet, descend
It seems we planned it my friend
Here we are again

And when I touch down
Healed with new sound
Coming back around
I hope this time u save me when I start to drown
I choke its fine u made me then I know I’m found

Indo amnesia
What are we here for
Just love
What is unclear whore
Must love

I’m calling all my owls
Open up your files

The fairy folk are talking
we are rising from the coffin
Seems often I’m talking
creating and rocking, screamin and squacking
My owls electrified
promise if I confide
my deepest darkest side
you will still see the goddess inside
cause you know she feels that souly we aren’t lonely

and, as the flutes play
i’m saying hey hey
i’m traveling the ethers – yellin hey hey
this is a great day
I’m at the waters bay
there i lay come sun ray
non longer cray cray

i’m thinking i got it
i know that is poppin
my tempeture’s droppin
its time for the coppin

of a new kinda me
i am finally free
i shall push out to sea
and honor the tree
of my family ties
i will unwrite the lies
take many a tries
i have swat all the flies
and i foudn all the kids
the siblings all live
i’m the oldest of five
i shall honor my tribe
and unplug the patriarchy
the internalized oligarchy
i swear it ain’t malarchy


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