NO MORE RUNNING ft. Poetik Justis (Official Music Video) | Dee MC | Sunit Music | Dee=MC² Album


Presenting the music video of “No More Running” from Dee MC’s debut album ‘Dee=MC²’.

‘No More Running’ as the name suggests is about taking things slow and being comfortable with the speed of your mind vs the actual speed of things. It’s about your own self doubts, anxiety, procrastination that become your biggest hurdles created by your own mind. Making you feel worthless in a way! The message is to trust the process, stop running away or running towards something. Just take your time and set your own pace.

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Music production, mix and master: Sunit Music
Produced by @districtE
Director : Varun Pradhan
Director of Photography : Saumit Deshpande
Executive Producer : Samiran Sonowal
Editor : Rishab Goga
Colourist : Yash Soni
Camera & lights : Bless Films

#DeeMC #VivaLaHipHop #NoMoreRunning #Dee=MC² #IndianFemaleRapper #WomenInHipHop


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