Physical Graffiti “Coffee With My Mother “ Distant Session 5: Clip


Watch Full Performance @ the Link Below:

Distant Session 5: Physical Graffiti

“For our fifth Distant Session we have something a little new for you. For the first time we have a rapper, @wordsshapesandcolors, from New Jersey, USA. She performed earlier this year at our event, Beat Heaven no. 3 in February, and we’ve invited her back to perform with us in her own creative environment. Her melodic sounds (provided by pRòmethius, @alexr118) combine with her wavy flow and poetic rhymes to take you on a journey of her dreamy yet grounded lifestyle. Thank you Physical Graffiti for the unique contribution to this series.”

Video production: Chris Garcia @_garciachris9826
Edits: Natalie Davis @n.mdavis


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