Physical Graffiti – Metallic Pink Seats (Prod By: Fred Red)

Verse 1
You don’t gotta pick me up in a car
bring ya space ship so we can take a look at the stars
matter fact love chill cus I got my own
light blue magenta metallic pink seats
white wine as I rhyme out my mind
beyond the cosmos get my feelings aligned
you know my style
you know my aura
find me on beat street catching tags on forbidden planets
so leave ya ego outside of our orbit
we came a long way from metropolis
I heard heaven is a purified mind
so if I bring the water can I cleanse it in time
and make it back to earth with some wisdom to shine
I wonder ( I wonder)
(you have arrived at your destination …. Welcome to Planet 3)

Synth Break =]

Verse 2:
In the beginning I did it without looking
not too long after I just followed my heart
took it to the street and developed my art
somewhere in the middle
I traveled out the galaxy to seek a new design
renew the mind reveal the hue inside
detail the lines engraved in cells and blood vessels
so I could be a vessel for more
and now I’m nothing but sure
of my intention put faith in my inventions
because I came back with a blueprint only I could see
nowadays i put forth my actions more decisively
and only build with those that’s furthering their own mentality
I need to learn I need to grow that’s how it has to be
to change the course of anything weighing down my family
offer some progression for myself and all humanity.

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Physical Graffiti Metallic Pink Seats PSA