SA-ROC: "DC X ATLIENS" Produced by Organized Noize


My introduction is too much pressure for your brain. The opening lines be like dark clouds and flooding rain. But sharp mouths get to the heart of the matter, the beat is gon keep you moving the lyrics will help sustain. my body of work is black girl thickening, ripe like a peach just right for the picking. And ready to serve it to the world on a silver platter. But real talk, my ill talk, will get your ego shattered. Im paddling behinds like the kinds that pappy gave. Hiphop classic…kinda like a nappy fade. But these days class is suffering thru a ratchet phase. giving out degrees to bottom feeders and scholastic failures, money never made us, but now it tell us go. Green lighting suckas like the legend and 3 stacks show. Relax, open up your mind. My rap flow spark electric charges to inspire when your nerve synapse slow. Im making ghosts, not the kind to make a mommy grieve. Just preying on my competition, thinning out a dying breed. No I in we, but the US got their eye on me. Cuz I be hollering peace but I mean the kind for firing. I am the daughter of royalty on some queen shit, roots are lain in foreign soil, on some Ben Vereen shit. ninjas chicken george sipping lean while children bleed. On lonely streets where no one cares about their color scheme. When others dream freedom’s screams keep me up at night. Conceal my private pain, while y’all reveal your public hype. Making moves controlled by string holders like a puppet might. I cover life through my microphone, a quill and scroll, and hieroglyph the world with pictures from my feeling soul


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