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Sa-Roc X D'Angelo & The Vanguard- Till It's Done (RMX)

After the world is over I think imma teleport. Cuz yall don’t wanna no relevant thoughts, yall don’t want intelligence, sure I can be irreverent boy, but what is angst just for the hell of it for? Yo Im anxious everytime I put a verse in the air, will they love it, or they hate it, or worse, will they even care? Each word is like a drop of blood inside of a desperate lions lair. Share my piece and yall see me like a piece of meat to be snared. see i don’t need fame, I need for my soul to remain when the light show ends. To see myself in the mirror when my eyes open, and leave a ghost of a memory of this life I’m in. Cuz I’ve got cuts and tracks of pain ingrained into the veins of my recordings, u can turn a blind eye but damn you if you ignore it. Imma try and touch your heart so a part of me is absorbed into your conscience every time you hear my story.
No more resolutions, Broke so many promises, honestly I don’t know if my sorries can super glue em. Together the worlds weight is too heavy for me to uproot and I’m not entirely sure that my shoulders could take the bruising. I’m used to being hard on myself, they said I’m tender hearted. that’s because for every life born, ten have departed. Well that could break a weaker mans soul, brittle and hollow, make this sonnet a little sour and too bitter to swallow, young. Mama always told me that I could be a starrruh. That’s why I be tryna enlighten em with my art, I can’t imagine life without writing-novelists problems, but I dig so deep this could be an archeological project. I don’t need approval, and I don’t want your pity. I just want my words to be savored after I’ve split and maybe yall can get a taste of what you’ve craved for a minute now, If I fail, hopefully I will be forgiven


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