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They don’t never make it easy for the righteous, Huh? Cuz All the revolutionaries out on rikers yard. And only crooks is running this country like a marathon, I’m tryna catch the next red eye to paradise like marijuan. So carry on while I embellish on these paragraphs, good music might be going the way of dinosaurs that’s pterodactyl. And matter fact don’t mind the light skin, I’m very black. Avenging all my peoples with this literary tesseract. I’m lowkey underground famous, homie Google me. So extra full of myself game just might need two of me. And If imitation is the dopest form flattery then half the game been singing all my praises like this is my frigging eulogy.

They said if freedom was a chain, then we would run for it. But if you ask a man to change then he gon run Forest. Its like this game tryna to shift me in reverse, put me in the back of all the worst Mcs, when I’m ready to plunge forward.
But my tongue foreign, they think I’m too heavy on them sciences. thought I told em I’m a certified rap scientist. Quetzalcoatl on the microphone, spit a fresh 3 then catch me meditating in a temple where the Mayans live. U can’t break me, second rate me, keep me in your square. I’m circle 7, noble drew you out the dragon’s lair. I’m tryna raise a squad of kings out the establishment. So me and Sol Messiah gon keep u laced in this extravagance.


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