staHHr performs 'Unbreakable' live

staHHr gives an emotional performance of her first single
‘Unbreakable’ off her upcoming album ‘Mother Ntr with a Molotov’ live for the first time on her Bornday…February 24, 2011. @ Dark Orange Party…Poodie The Byz on the vocals. Produced by Dug Boogie


thought that it would break me?/ take me-off my course
Fell, picked it up, realigned with the source
Back on the horse like Godiva-imma
Survivor-victor picture perfect
Work it til it short circuits/ think it, speak it,
claim it secret/Ain’t its-ancient
cadence-myrrh the fragrance
ultra violet-how I speak when I’m silent
thru my aura/borealis aurora
Its in the bloodline/liquid sunshine
the heart-Know it and I’m doing my part/
sometimes it switch in a blink like a glitch in the link/
of a chain/ stay off it-Before I lose, I’ll forfeit/
no bowing to the corporate or devils in the pulpit
applaud this- flawless-spit gorgeous
justice for the lawless- real rawness

Chorus:un-break-able/cant block the flow/wont take my soul… Oh-oh, no,no

You talk wreckless- but softer than a pearl necklace
We outta balance- let’s correct it
Stay connected
we ressurrect bliss-then over on the next mish
The womb must be protected and respected-ase
no more fiction/that’s the mission/ deal with truth everyday
we gotta make it over- that’s the only way
go against that grain/work through the pain
to get to joy/something to hold on-myrna loy
survival of the fit-we intent bredrin
7 steps to heaven-wafers unleaven/
communion with the interstellar/Ginger leather
shooting dice with christ looking for my cinderfella/
Dana Dane flow/plain jane know/
punky brewster with the colorful mainframe glow
Life been bananas- welfare and tanf
regardless-cry freedom if you really want it

Think about the timing while you planning and designing
strong under pressure- morphed into a diamond
shining-brighter than some twankies on a hog
grinding-creeping through and seeping like a fog
something inside of me guiding me
keeps reminding me- to rewind and see
no following blindly/the worst is behind me
every cell of my being/responding to freedom
that’s where it starts first-feeling DNA bursts
like a climax all through the body
such a rush-type fast lane in a maseratis
kept my guard up, in case they wanna start stuff
life it’ll call bluffs-even if you all tough
knock ya block off-trying to get ya rocks off
turn tables- cause we able to win
unshakable-we rooted firm breaking em in (breaking em in, breaking em in)


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