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Welcome to QueenBiz!

As an artist, Dynasty is an open book. Whether you have been around for a few months or a few years, you are watching her grow right before your eyes – sharing her journey through life via her music, as a speaker, youth advocate and through other outlets. Along the way she has connected with many women and girls on their own voyages and she has decided to create a space where they can connect, share and build with each other. Get to know DY a little better and connect with others, all at

What is QueenBiz™?

​​Simply put, QueenBiz is committing to your individual authenticity, purpose and desire to live your best life. It is the business of not settling for less than you are capable of and the recognition of your own personal worth. Isn’t that royal?

This idea isn’t a new one. Women have been holding down the throne for centuries. The notion that we can do more than one thing, and do them exceptionally well is not a revelation. QueenBiz builds upon the foundation laid by the countless women who have come before us and aims to recognize, encourage and inspire women and girls of all ages to walk in their royalty.

(PS: One time for the KINGS too! We see and salute you! )

Shot by Mico White:

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