Deeva – Dee MC | Cipher Challenge


“Deeva” by Dee MC produced by HHB.

Video by: Aditya

Don’t you know that Diva is the female version of a hustla
Only one in the game man you can’t best her
21 by the features too smart for her age
If you can’t run the show better step off the stage

Clear the path when I hit the beat and rap
Spit fire till it melts and it forms into a track
Sit back and relax till it gets me to the zone
Light one up for my homies I hit that home grown
Can’t catch me till I’m gone you can play back the song
I can tell you in a minute 100 things that are wrong
With the steps that you take and the moves that you make
Only Queen in the scene to give you a checkmate

Not dissing you missing you from the scene
See I’m not trynna preach or teach or be mean
A girl outrunning you in the same league
To get inspired sit down man they play Dee

I can see the jealousy the way you look at me
Put me down as a rapper throw a ‘hook’ at me
Didn’t take me so long to know that something’s fishy
Hug me just to stab me in the back, man that’s bitchy

Many came but I’m the only one that stayed
Worked hard to play harder Dee MC is the name
If you ain’t heard the same suck a
Drop the beat for a diva who’s a female hustla


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