Sa-Roc: Lilith's Psalm (#sayhername)

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Brown skin, long hair, round hips, go on stare. Sun dipped, with full lips, I eclipsed your glare. Cuz it ain’t fair to be this dope. Or this God, pardon me- misspoke. I’m mystic one of a kind bespoke. Ain’t nobody messing with mine, no misquotes. You can’t break me, I’m diamond, hate me, I’ll shine even brighter, grab your shades please. Cuz I came from queens, no cliches, I’m clean, I’m not your mad chick, but my rap game is mean. I’m a beauty but a beast in this thang, you don’t wanna start up with no beef with the kang. Melanin lit, amethyst on my ring, put a fist up for Sandra Bland RIP.
Light skin, short hair, small waist, go on stare. Sun kissed, with plump lips, I eclipsed your glare. Cuz it ain’t easy being that fly. The whole room taking notes when i pass by. Give em life when I step into the building. Steal the show then turn around and kill em spitting/with a flatline. can’t buy me, I’m priceless, try me, might just throw hands like I was Ali. Cuz I came from soldiers, scrap game ferocious, gene pool maroon, no trap made can hold us. Royal with a rebel in her blood. Find me in the ride top down, leather gloves. All black everything, onyx on my studs. This one is for Rekia Boyd, show her love.
Dark skin, loose hair, thick curves, go on stare. Sun dripped, tender lips, I eclipsed your glare. Cuz i can’t help but be this fresh. With all of this gold beneath this flesh. A hell of mold to try and sculpt, appropriate me you won’t come close to this being this blessed. Can’t hurt me, I’m resilient, Hercules, my brilliance sparks minds from JoBurg to jersey. 
First and the last with the crown. Dime piece, shut it down, crash the account. Maybe My selfie might be too ill for IG, no filter-what’s the gram to an ounce? Catch me in the hills shiny grill in my mouth. Where them lighters? This is for Aiyana Jones. Pull em out.
Maroon neck line laced up like a Masai. Mind stay sharp,


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