"Magnificent" – Dynasty


**LYRICS** (shouts to Indira)

Tonight, I will be magnificent/ I will be better than Ive ever been… I will be free/ I will shine bright, reflect the limelight/ do it like this is my last time. I will be ME/ can you see me?… standing in front of the crowd with a sound that resounds like thunder?/ make em so proud/ when I rock loud/ cuz I shut em down and make emcees wonder../ how I can do it like this/ at ANY given time/ give me 16 bars I’ll get in your mind../ look and you will find… that Im nothing more than a messenger thats BLESSED with the gift of rhyme../ I stay on my grind/ trying to find my treasure/ diamonds form under PRESSURE/ spit it so clear make em all get the picture/ NOTHIN’ like rockin’ for those who really get ya….

2nd verse

Sittin’ on the edge of a dream/ and im always THIS close/ Ive been rockin’ mics up and down the east coast, done.. radio shows/ been an open mic host/ I once even warmed up the crowd for Mos’ but.. none of that matters when.. you still punchin in, takin’ calls/ and when it all falls.. down/ im left wondering where the fire went/ and how to get it back into my environment/ cuz right now im living for retirement/ how I been doin this SO long and Im still aspiring?/ times movin’../ lookin’ at the clock cuz it aint enough to be the dopest emcee on the block/ I need more of it/ I give you ALL of me with no frontin’/ I need yall to love it.. and even if you dont Im still comin’… fall for anything if you dont stand for somethin!…

3rd verse

I change what I can/ the things I control/ the rest of the ish… I just let it roll/ say good bye to the girl with the stagnated flow/ I only make music thats good for my soul/ on a roll so/ aint no stoppin me now/ Ive been through the struggle, I havent forgotten my trials/ from my childhood to grandmas death, its been wild but you never know it cuz I never show it when I smile =) / I pray for tomorrow.. and I hope that it comes/ and if I do wake.. Imma take it and run/ Ill give you this song.. while I write another one while Im sitting here waiting for my change to come.. you see, I spit it til its hard to breathe/ like its just you and me / wear my heart on my sleeve… thats the mark of a true emcee its just me/ bigger than Dynasty its D. Maria E…


Tonight! I will be magnificent/ I will be better than Ive ever been… I will amaze me true to myself they cant change me/ I will be.. hip hop ya dont stop! (stop..) I will be.. I will be.. I wil be… I will be MAGNIFICENT!

Rock the Park, Curtis Hixon Park/Tampa Museum of Art.

Cinco de Mayo, 2011.

Twitter – @yagirldynasty
Booking – bookdynasty@gmail.com

Video shot by:

Greg Bryon
Eight20Eight Inc.
Contact: 8208inc@gmail.com


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