I’m Blowing up like collapsed atoms. But This pain all in my guts got me throwing up white flags. I’m not even sure if I’m built in this type fashion, cuz they showing off T&A and milking the cash rations. Ain’t nothing new cuz I’m used to a dirty game. And if u push me, Imma regain my footing, come back scrapping, blood. I’m too close to this music to be indifferent. So I Guess that’s what they mean when they say it’s fatal attraction, love. I’m gon live or die everyday trying, spit or lie at heavens gate dying, it’s so necessary. Cuz it’s a whole gang of brown faces waiting for their big break but their hearts have been the only beneficiAries. And while you say all we need to do is work harder, let’s not talk about the sins of your father. No wait-lets. The kind that begets bastards out of the slave trade then afterwards says that we should happily just forget. Naw I’m gon be that gray elephant in the room, reminding you how long my memory and snappy my fuse can get. Lawd, please god forgive us for what we’ve done. But we out here in the brick with no appearances from ur sun. It’s hard enough when you don’t believe in yourself but trust me when the rest of the world don’t either that’s that stuff that gets your faith scarred. They don’t let u know they bet on black. And they never will, you can place a bet on that. They’ll just make u feel that you ain’t finna measure or stack, while you go thru hell trying to build the Devils respect. Stars-don’t mean a damn unless they twinkling in the night sky. I’m disappointed in these entertainers lately got me all up in my feelings, Eff it- no more Mr. nice guy. You know the line homie, once bitten, twice shy.
Learned the game and flipped it on em. Now it’s on the right side. my music 4Gs only wifi, yall could roam the country and never find a MC like I. The Imhotep of rap, come in peace until I snap. Make pyramids from out the innards of my chicken scratch. Like Bruce Lee against a whole encyclopedia, the illest rappers know they gotta bow down when I’m kicking facts. image squeaky clean, presence like a holy sage. I’m Lyrically blazed, Smudging filthy renegades. The ten of spades next to take the crown to center stage. blacker than a panther, walking round u in a fit of rage. So emotional like Carl Thomas. Better Watch it cuz them cannibals will roast you if you fall, honest. Classics raised me, this new shit don’t faze me, that’s why I’m sticking to my native tongues like braided Pocohontas. these baby rappers All spawned from my amniotic. Now Im monograming eSes and Rs on their pajamas. So there’s no mistake who’s making and owning these dope one liners. Let these verses be your constant reminder.


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