From the highly anticipated mixtape by Sa-Roc called “The legend of Black Moses. hear the mixtape at this link:

Lyrics: Rain falling on the city like its gods tears. Weeping like an open sore for all the lost here. Trying to live straight, but we caught up in the cross hairs. We keep paying the price but homies don’t know what the cost is. Souls auctioned off to highest bidders on the block, lil youngins hold the hottest triggers on the glock. Your shoulder gotta a chip son, my joint has got a rock, I see a lot of cats dying to be a nigga when they not! See Martin had a dream, but only hand in hand I seen is black boys slinging white off of martin Luther King. Ave is where the magic occurred. Quickest way to make compassion disappear is to make the tragic recurrent. And I just wanna show the silver lining shining behind me, but a lot of yall are rather counterfeit, bound to get turnt. These days Everybody wanna be a legend in this game. Man I’m just tryna live up to the legend in my name. I keep taking breaks from writing then keep pledging imma change. Cuz they’ll snatch your title quicker than them edges if you estranged from em. told you from the start Im God in a human frame, trying to squeeze the light from a billion stars into a flame. To Burn Babylon down so that only ashes remain. Too many dumb rappers got yall like the walking dead-asking for brains. I’m in the 99th percentile, top of the class. your favorite mc like cheap jewelry. And I’m popping the clasp. Cuz every dude think he King of New York, King of the south, I’m the ruler of all mankind , And my kingdom devout! I can damaja dope mc with the wrath of the math. And Pass around these ass whoopings that I’m keen to give out. I’m not here to be your pinup. I’m just tryna to change the times before its time to put my pen up. Teach my generation to keep their eyes open and chin up. And then maybe I can release some of these emotions that’s pent up. The only promise I can make is that I’ll be true to myself, that means I’ll quit when I’m over this life-no deluding myself. Cuz everytime I find more success feels like I’m losing myself. So I end up being experimental-proving myself.
But no more talking til I’m blue In the face. We don’t need another Krishna, I’ll be the Buddha of rhyme. Feng shui the whole cypher-I’m improving your space.


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Sa-Roc: Moses Speaks