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staHHr x Crazy DJ Bazarro are 7:30. Single available NOW on all digital outlets. Click here to purchase/stream:

A Shareef Scott Production.
Written by staHHr.
Produced by Crazy DJ Bazarro.
Directed by Shareef Scott/Directorz Inc Films.
Make up artist: CiCi Rich.
Cars and ATVs provided by Chinee LO.

Much love and many thanks to the supporting cast and cameo features. We couldnโ€™t have done this without you. โ€œThey all 7:30!โ€

Chuck D
Thirstin Howl III
Queen Herawin
Summer Willow
Simone Arabia
Safari Black
Shabaam Sahdeeq
Prance Lo
Sun Lo
Skanks the Martyr
Carla Sugar
Uncle Nick
Ricky Research
G Dean
MC Paul Barman
Sean Shmoney



They ainโ€™t ready, steady aim at the target
Iโ€™m flooding the market, a break from the garbage
An artist, sensitive about mine pardon
No margin for error, flawless- beware of
The black cat goddess, you walking with a panther
Painting these pictures with words like Samantha
Mcgiver, alchemy on the track, make it liver
And I wont stop rocking til I retire
Singular or plural she rank numero uno
Colder than Juneau-judo chop, sumo squat
Not that regular degular, so stop comparing her
Mc predator, close but no comparing her
Dark matter in the form of a light body
Want me to simplify it? U cannot harm me
Not here to debate who’s better or great
I’m dishing up fate and serving the plates
They gotta eat that

The beast back
Floodgates she unleashed that
Ease back, you don’t know where my peeps at
I Keep that heat that’ll light ya soul up
Talking bout kundalini, this the glow up

This is opulence
Focused and confident
Competent-equipped to hold my own on any continent
More sauce than condiments
I’m pissing on conglomerates
Bombing it
At peace like Salaam with it
melanin dominant
Immune to the ominent I๏ธ remain calm in it
Nefertiti rock an ice down medallion
Endurance of a stallion
Spinach with the scallions
High profiling
Mr rourke On the Island
Backed by a battalion , million dollar smiling
east, west, North, south I covered all of it
Here to build like the Gods holding parliament
Infidels and charlatans, bringing out the barbarous
That marvelous- barbarella spit so itโ€™s obvious
Scimitar liberate heads from shoulders
They losing composure, once I supernova

Chorus out


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