For the fourth installation of the Respect Due freestyle series staHHr eloquently flips the Buckwild produced, O.C. classic “Time’s Up”. The video enlists cameos from some of the who’s who of Atlanta’s indie/hip hop music scene.

Director: Nick Burnz (Black Algebra Multimedia).


Your inspiration…
I’m flyer than
Expire them
Cue the violins
Ducati /how I’m riding them
Tracks like the A train/better

run for cover or duck it out
You begging for change get the buckets out

Time is cyclical
no longer 3 dimensional
5 D and better
Too clever to spit falsehoods for cheddar
Goddess to the letter, blueprint first teacher
It’s no mirage, u makin hajj around the speakers
Eloquent- raising the bar beyond benevolent
Heaven sent-celestial, get these birthrights, im blessing you
Jewels for days, taking the shackles off of slaves
That johnathan Blaze, stars in your eyes, now you amazed
No rhetoric, fake body parts, or flow deficit
Finessing it, a diamond in the rough, clearly the best with this
sparking Big L’s, leaving you breathless
Rocking em like a neck a lace, joe crack on sum terror shit
Show biz won’t change me, my A game is astonishing
Big Punisher -demolish em
the remains in my cauldaron
Slaughter them-leave em on the altar as an offering
I’m the Sazon cabron, murked bring them coffins in


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