divine number 9 how the paths aligned 
the worlds not ready for these lights combined 
lost when it found them peace was around them 
grounding peeping his beautiful brown skin 
he the truth staHHr-way above par 
reunited threshold of the juice bar 
like wheatgrass good for the temple- pure energy-oil that’s essential 
open like eucalypt dont even know his name 
on a time travel trip remember kissing those lips 
on the banks of the amazon- tetragrammaton 
spoke to my soul thats when it took hold 
locked eyes and bonded instant 
seeing past lives on a farm with infants 
new experience i cant explain 
1and it fits just right so i wont complain 

Outer limits-beyond the stars Mars and Venus the universe is ours 
perfect balance- the opposite charge unconditional-love with no flaws 

melted this ice box light of my life ahk 
never been in love before musta hit the right spot 
only expectation is developing greatness 
encourage we to grow going with the flow 
embracing nature straight with no chaser 
you, not the papers jewelry or acres 
most people probably never understand 
everything revealed through the touch of your hand 
on the small of my back-magnetic attract 
complete- we each found the missing puzzle piece 
ain’t even gotta speak- connect is that deep 
sweet-everything in sync magnifique 
official business-good vibes relentless 
pharoah from my dreams ancestors bear witness 
taking our thrones back side by side 
since forever til forever- ase-let’s ride 
handle it With patience Inhaling the fragrance 
of sandalwood-grafted on stone by ancients 
tainted-cant be cosigned by my auntie 
paint we-in shades of realness brilliance 
been through it all- this love resilient hard headed it til ntr said it’s true 
took the boxing gloves off- left the ring for a few 
through and through we have been perfected 
errors from the past-rebuild correct it 
planted seeds in the earth good karma given birth 
took the best and the worst- Making it work 
a young version of Ossie and Ruby 
written in the stars by the pen of Tehuti 
yes-we met right on time 
this love is healing-from the base of the spine 
erasing the line between yours and mine 

Cosmik Luv- Lyrics by staHHr, Produced by Lex Boogie from the Bronx. 528 Hz frequency tuning by Maurice Thompson

528 Hz (C) is the vibration at which healing/DNA repair, miracles, etc occur on the Solfeggio Harmonics scale. The frequency resonates with LOVE. We took the original version of the song and adjusted the frequency to match what the song was about, the healing power of LOVE. For more information on Solfeggio Harmonics, click the link:


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