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Drake X Sa-Roc: Pound Cake

Roc done been around for a minute, but y’all don’t hear me though. Sonically impaired rap critics sitting on gold and won’t even know it til they favorite rapper tell em it’s dope. The elephant in the room, Im the evidence of your negligent a&ring you probably couldn’t see a star in a scope. But mama told me that common sense ain’t common no more, went from can I borrow a dollar to the economy’s hope. I’m synonymous with Salaams inside the place of the pope. An anomaly in the masses, the face of your open horror, a poltergeist-scare your house and all the garbage you wrote. Im the best of Nina Simone and Carmen Jones, what an icon, and y’all suckas still hype on Marilyn Monroe. I’m arrogant cuz my heritage come from pharoahs and queens but impatient cuz the inheritance coming terribly slow. But winning been bred in me since penny loafers and denim so try not to let your feminine intolerance show. Feel me? 

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