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“Ladies and gentlemen, now for my darkest hour
Devour the dopest rappers, and roast their remains in the fire
Cannibalizing rhymes with sharpened canines and talons
Yeah im sposed to be vegan, but catching prey is too easy
When every mcs exposed like a flesh wound with some fresh bleeding
And I’m after souls like exorcist vs demon
I am only god body trying to civilize the heathen
Bust in quadratic formulas when words do not appease me
I’m resuscitating suffocating verbage from your species
Take this beating then retreat back to the booth and try and redeem
Your entire catalog in 20 bars so far I’m leading
I’m your whole world, your old earth and yall are just my seedling
My verses form your universe and personal religion
So bow down with 5 rounds of our fathers, hail marys
Then confess your sins I spit holy water, heal lyrics
Like weak lines, cliches, bad puns and spell errors
Im the rap heiress and all my shit got clearance
Supreme math, the 12 jewels and all my shit from Clarence
Toe to toe ill do see do you weak mcs
Like im the seed of storyboard p and we gon see
Who be with no id inside the V.I.P. after this
I massacre beats with African heat 120 degrees
Quiet on the set when im in beast mode which one of you breathed?

Im starseed half human, all amazing
Atomic bomb and watch the fall out of faulty campaigning
The price of your soul is marketed, bought for the highest payment
I do it cuz im ordained to you do it so you’ll be famous
Came in and effed the game up
Now wiki me look my name up
Just picture me without victory hit me after epiphany
I’ll wait… Elijah without the nation
Toussaint without the haitians
Sa-roc without the win is like pyramid without the apex
Dopest vocalist with fallopians…ovaries
Held you sons in my uterus
I’m the reason you doing this
Strengthened your lyrical chords with my umbilical cord
Created you and now you don’t hail the lyrical god?
I’ll enter your heart and sever your ventricle pause
Watch you bleed as I proceed to destroy your integral parts
And then you’ll fall to your knees and plead for reprieve
But I cannot leave until the mic is redeemed an extension of me
Like spinal columns holding up nerve endings
The brain of the game like mensa you mentally sleepin
And ill take you so deep in the black hole where light bend
Ill open your pineal gland so that black spews like ink pen
Guide you out of triple stage on the staples stage in a state of rage
How you claiming best when I ain’t ripped the page yet?
Studied under masters you ain’t hardly came of age yet
Call you top dawg lil buddy I’m Anubis.
Ill look after your after life after I murder your music
You hard but I’m harder like crystal to diamond
Like puss to a lion
You wish you had never spoke now they sicced me behind you
Now tell me who really ruling and pass me the effing title
You should’ve kept an ally get used to your toughest rival
Im kali and chopping heads off your metaphorical bodies
String em around my neck like reminders of how I bodied these
1 little, 2 little, 3 little gentlemen.
Now lay down and pray now the crown goes to the feminine.”-sa-roc

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