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"Pardon Me" – Alyssa Marie (Prod. Kato)

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Tell em the cage is open, but freedom aint free and the gates are closing,
You don’t want the poison but you taste the potion
that’s the price you pay when you’re a slave to emotion
See the day’s been approaching that the water crashed down on the wave that you’re coasting
can tell off the bat you aint made for this ocean so lets save the commotion
I’d say at the rate that you’re going.. you got one more smart remark until you start shit
all that talk you talk I walk it, there’s no heart to heart you get it bar for bar with no off switch
You must have forgot what I do, let me give it you straight to really remind you
you could spit a million rhymes with everything fine tuned and can get it in two lines, I don’t need a haiku
I’m too above your head to be touched, you could never keep up
Like what I gotta do, walk backwards to make you feel better? thats never what the specialty was
So wave the white flag, pledge allegiance, said in god we trust so say you prayers
You’ll never elevate to the level I’m on but if you really want you can take the stairs
with no leg to stand on though it aint fair.. you could never make it here so stay there
no Premier and you aint even getting half my prhyme just need a Nickel every time they swear
That this is they year and maybe you can buy some time.. just so you can waste it
I been paying my dues, when I say they owe me respect know no one can say shit
And I’ve come to collect on that debt I’m done explaining so just run the payment
and don’t come complaining bout the interest when you’re the one that waited karma’s funny, aint it? seeing it all unfold is so underrated — I didn’t wanna say it
But I’m so done biting my tongue, they’re gonna face it, they’re never gonna touch the throne from the basement
What you’re calling greatness I see as basic…let’s agree to disagree
guess we see it differently I’ll make a legacy you’re seeking infamy
You need it instantly, I grow this seed with consistency
I kill the beat with some dignity, you superficially, banging that fake shit religiously.. congratulations you’re the epitome

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