Ruby Ibarra – Fallin Down

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Lyrics/Vocals: R. Ibarra
Instrumental: RNO Productions
Directed by: TaBaKK, Brandy “Beerandy M. Videos” Liscano
Special thanks to: Sinag de Jesus, BLKD, Tweng, and Sak Maestro with helping during the filming because we definitely did a whole lot of walking! LOL

Track 1 of Ruby Ibarra’s Lost in Translation mixtape.
DOWNLOAD the mixtape at

muthafucka im a pandemic, starting a plague
so no more wack after today, these rappers droppin away
i call era (cholera) a time of “measly,” we be lackin all the true shit
i influence a (influenza) generation fuck that “yellow fever” bullshit, so
who be so proper? usin the the bars to
move and alarm ya, lose it and conquer
you see i brought the ruby the monsta
ruby ibarra, they’ll be screamin that tomorra
and i promise with this art i gotta break they words like commas
im the author and the artist who got it like dalai lama
im the guru with the flows, you couldnt boo this, its too cold
like a prophet im luminious and so it’s lucrative you know
im stoppin the garbage when off the top, im just poppin the rhymes
off with the honest, i got the target and droppin the lines
sorry this artist has gotten godly, my god its the prime
got this, i rock it, im p-p-pompous, i bodied the lines

this is for the fallin raps – may you rest in beats
i plague the emcees, every single time i speak
a moment of silence, i mean im silencin the beats
cuz i plague the emcees, every single time i speak
fallin down down, fallin fallin down (they… keep)
fallin down down, fallin fallin down (they… keep)

a massacre if you will, of a savage back with a will
just harassin, bashin they skill, in a fashion rappin a will
like marshall with the language arts, language full of martial arts
no martial language, use this art to question law and start a march
fuck it, im outta my mind, coloring out of the lines
skill aint got no color, when i write the lines, you color blind
part of a breed of emcees thats seasoned to eat this emceein
i got the reason believin no people seein the meanin’
i mean you either see the demeanor, this filipina a fiend of
the beat and the verses mean im a league of just me
and so tacloban pilipinas ha dugo mga ugat
bisin diin ako, gin papakita pag nagsusurat
ini nga mga linya nga higlarom para mag hatag hin paglaom
kay akon na panahon, akon ngaran mga limtanon
at kung ano mang lenguahe, pare, kaya kong tapusin, sabe
bawat bara lagi ibang classe, kinakain, grabe!


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