Ruby Ibarra – Nonconceptual


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Track 7 off Ruby Ibarra’s new mixtape, released 12/12/12

Lyrics/Vocals: R. Ibarra
Instrumental: 6Fingers
Director: Narong Mok

cold with flow – oh you don’t impress me
these other rappers uncool (uncle) like joey & jesse
told you already, if you threat, if you forget & you test me
I’m ready every breath is steady, leave you emcees to bury
plus or minus a beat, but i don’t sell (cell) it like a battery
call it flattery, my two cents shatter all ya salaries
But never understand the strategy, they’ll never fathom me
doesn’t matter after, half these rappers couldn’t battle me
Straight from the heart, call it masterin the artery
snap dance ass clap? more to rap than the watery
So every beat i snap til you clap, its a new day
I’m greater than the weak (week), so don’t call me Ruby Tuesday
and I’m still killin’ a beat, the murder she wrote to the entropy ain’t no stoppin’ me, see
better be ready to answer me when im droppin heat
initially you thought that i was all RI (alright) lyrical archive/up to par right?
Ibarra set the “bar,” so never booze (boos) up in this “bar” fight/

Wishful thinkers hope I fade into obscurity
I’m “sick,” the sign is (sinus), I flew (flu) over heads, so ain’t no curin’ me
I’m “above the line” but wont “enumerate” the reasons
and rap like i be silencin’ the beat each time I’m speakin’
A student of the middle class, I do it just to riddle cats
It’s suitable i spew it when alluding to your upper half
this is “cut throat,” other rappers best protect ya neck
All the odds against me simply turned me to a triple threat
Fuck a Martial Law when Murphy’s law becomes the final draw
The line is drawn, it might involve the kind I pour when writing raw
All these swag rappers be the “bane” of my existence
When I’m up to “bat, man” I be back for every sentence
I’m still comin’ in the beat in the hard/unwrap your flows, and ill bring the bars
so then i suppose, its not that far/to be schoolin’ foes that be playin’ parts
from the very start that I brought the heart/I’m a martyr, mark of a beast, at large
aimin’ for these rappers like they darts/cuz the wack emcees are always barred


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