The Cypher – Ruby Ibarra & SLTG Rap Batikos Collaboration


*WATCH AT 720p*

Filmed in Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro, Philippines)

Lyrics/Vocals of Verse 1: R. Ibarra
Instrumental: Atmosphere
Directed by: Brandy “Beerandy” Liscano

unsa mana? mao ba ni si Ruby Ibarra?/
taga Tacloban at Mindanao, bumibitaw nanaman ng bara/
ug naami diri sa CDO, para sa video/
galing yan sa grupo to, sa ulo puro lyrical/
kinahalan la ako hin usa nga beat para mag pakita/
nga, basta nag yayakan, mga pikat na hadlok hira, na guliat/
you know the flows ill just by lookin at my body language/
hand sporadic movements – meanin ima fuckin’ body language!/
body of my work? check the language cuz I’m “graphic” at it/
words dangle at “angles” so it’s language mathematics/
and i been in it to pencil in initials that be synonym/
to what they feel when spittin em, R.I. (aray/ouch) is what I’m given em/
a pinch of some adrenaline feelin, mix it in venom and send em/
incredible writtens, I’m makin you victim, attention I’m killin’ these critics again and/
say your Hail Mary, carefully, you still couldn’t prepare for me/
I bare my soul, you blarin’ me, but couldn’t barely bare to see/
Ibarra with the bars that bury rappers as a pair, apparently sparing these parrots paranoia isn’t fair/

Cypher line-up:
Ruby Ibarra
Stiffler Moreno
Sak Maestro
Lexter da Vyrus Big L.X


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