"Experimental Flow" (free song, new EP, acapella)


an experimental flow to distract them from lyrics baring a soul
that apparently wear and tear from and area where the road
wasn’t clear left it barely whole, with a hole in the center
God’s holiest sinner was sent to win them over
begin approaching the timid, assemble from what I’m given
the soldiers I know they’re holding within what they’re exposing
pretending it’s them, but I see potential where the world refuses to
maybe it’s my delusional view of the truth I choose to use
this warped reality, course that I forge with apathy
carry the torch only to scorcher the door that have for me
forced to forfeit the war before I’m a casuality
born to die a statistic while battling your reality
torn from happily scorned as a tortured masterpiece
to restoring zen to reform in order to master peace
and that’s the piece that holds me back, if they’re here or not
I’m stopping where they stop to try to carry on this era
watch them clear a spot, then fail to fill it
wear a million pair of socks but still they’ll never fit the pair of kicks I rock
the realest mockery, a paradox that’s not complete
until the flock of sheep the shepherd watch adopts the lead and see he’s obsolete
hypocrisy, the building blocks of their philosophy
watching them topple over on top of their mock-democracy
I can see why their pockets are filled with everyone’s profit except for their own
no one’s left to address the topic


the Dope Boyz:


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